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1default Announcement to all members! on Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:26 pm

For those who say I have copied Minybuddie, check this YouTube video I posted

Description - I am really getting p!ssed off at people who think I copied Minybuddie. I do, admit that I copied some forum images but nothing else. Yeah, I asked him to have the title Shows & Films but I didn't really need to. He was much nicer then. Nowadays, on his live show and stuff, CP Livetime, he put inappropriate things like Rockhopper doing stuff I forget (dsvfdvx). No, I'm not 5 years old. Yeah, I watched it I think its hilarious. You made P I Z Z A quit, cause you were mean, Igna was about to quit, everybody you were mean to. Fans, supporters, even your best friends!

I've apologized more than enough to deal with this bullsh!t. I said sorry various times for copying forum images.