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Hey guys, I am hare back with news about the war of BLANK Productions (Club Penguin Films) and MSF (Minybuddie Shows & Films.)

Apparently, BLANK wants to make peace. Here is the message that was sent to me today:

Minybuddie, please see this and don't ignore it. BLANK wants to make peace. Why can't we just get out of this stupid war? What's the point in this?! Are you gonna get something for being more famous or being better that the other one?! NO! ABSOLUTELY ANOTHING!!! Minybuddie, please think about this. It doesn't only affect MSF and BLANK, it also affects Igna6750 Productions since I, Igna6750 am the only one that is in BOTH sides of the war.

Please, think about it Minybuddie.

-Igna Caped guy

PS: At the message, don't pay attention to the buttons in spanish, lol.

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oooooooo... pretty spanish buttons... o_o

lol. weird. anyways yea. clubp is right. PEACE!

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Why was the message sent to Igna?

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There's no war! He asked me to block him and I did.

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Master4902 wrote:Why was the message sent to Igna?

I am in both sides of the war that in fact doesn't even exist, that's why. I am also very good friends with hthem (No offence, MB)

Minybuddie wrote:There's no war! He asked me to block him and I did.

But you guys should stop all this fight. If you want a message to be sent to BLANK, then just type it to me and I will send it.

-Igna Caped guy

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Yeah, Peace is much better than war.

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I know right?

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Hey Igna, how did you even get a hold of my message? Anyway, to Minybuddie. If I did say for you to block me, that came out of anger. You like all people should know that when people are angry and they talk, they don't actually quite mean it. I myself didn't mean it. If you're trying to compete with us, I'm not buying it. I don't care about becoming famous. If you're scared that you're going to lose all your fame, your not. And if people unsubscribing you proves the point, it's not my fault. People probably saw the side of you that I saw and decided to unsubscribe you. So, please. Choose wisely. Are you going to accept the friendship back, or do you want to keep it like this? If that is solution, then I can't really do anything about it. Oh I don't know. You already have people unsubscribing you now. Now don't accuse me of it, I did nothing. Maybe they don't like you....not my fault. I haven't gained any subscribers lately so, it proves that it's really not my fault for the happening.

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Oh I think I added you to the list Igna, lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing....

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Alright lol dsvfdvx

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I've patiently waited enough for an answer. I've waited two days for at least one word. Was it a yes or a no? I guess this is a no, just like how it was and is? Alright. You want to be like that Minybuddie? I'm sick of waiting. Minybuddie? Yes, you do have to pull up your socks to stay number one because I'm coming to get you. I'm flying by from lowest to highest. I'm not going to do nothing, I'm going to do something to beat you. And I took that comment you wrote on my video as a compliment. Thanks for making me more confident with that comment. I really appreciate it. Very Happy

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