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1Staff Well this is cute... on Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:42 am



Hello Everyone!
As you've probably figure by now, these forums have been a ghost town for a longggglonggg time.
I have since moved on, (Yes, somewhat in club penguin, but mostly in Minecraft)
and came here to tell you my plans to restart my own form of MSF...
Not sure what I'm gonna call it yet, but mehh...

Anyways, DQ231, Minybuddie, and Muttant have all moved on to orbzgaming,

ATM23 has moved on through the ranks in RPF, and made his own blog...

I've been leading various CP Armies such as the Night Warriors, Light Troops, Team Gold, and most recently, The Doritos of Club Penguin

Because these hold what is 99% of MSF's previous fanbase, and have much much much larger sizes of people than what we had...

But moving on to why I'm truly here...

I'm working on a project to host all gaming, mostly minecraft, but machinima. I don't intend on having some form of an MSF that fails, but something useful and fun...

So if anyones still here, respond with your ideas!

-Greenoiscool (Carter)

Welcome to MSF Community Forums

2Staff Re: Well this is cute... on Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:16 pm


Trainee Moderator


Welcome to MSF Community Forums
Well this is cute... R7ugiu

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